Palermo HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Having a baby is very scary. As a parent you are always worried about your baby and you are constantly wondering if he is safe.  The scariest time can be when they are taking naps or when they are down for the night, because they are in their own room “where anything can happen”.

When my second was born we didn’t have a baby monitor, because he would wake up every 2 hours until about 16 months. However, there was a few times where he would sleep past his typical two hours and I would be in complete panic. I accidentally woke him up on several occasions, because I would try to “sneak” into his room to make sure he was still alive and then his little eyes pop open.

This would have all been solved if I would have had a baby monitor where I could have quickly looked at the monitor to get reassurance that the baby was fine and that he was just indeed soundly sleeping.


The Palermo HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor will save you from a lot of unnecessary trips into the little ones room. This baby monitor is viewed through Wi-Fi, so you will be able to view your home while you are not at home. You can check in to make sure that your child is safely asleep while the babysitter is watching them. All you have to do is install an app on your phone and then click on the app and you will have full vision of what your baby monitor sees. This is the perfect addition to your home and is important to add to your baby registry.

This baby monitor can easily be controlled by your cellphone, tablet or PC. With your device you can tilt, pan and zoom with just a touch of a button, so you can access nearly every part of the room. It also is equipped with night time vision that would be great as a baby monitor, elderly cam as well as night time surveillance. You can then plug in your phone into your device for the “play back” feature where you can record and share your videos.

You can even seamlessly take snapshots and even stream your video so that you can share your moments with your loved ones. You can also set up your phone so that you will get notified with any movement or sound, so that you are aware when your little one is awake OR if there is somebody in your home that you don’t want to be there.

Another really cool feature of the Palermo HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is that it can connect to other Wi-Fi devices that you may have in your home such as doorbells, windows, doors and even smoke alarms. You can now keep all of your devices in one synced place to make sure that you are getting the most security that you can with your Wi-Fi device.

Positives and Negatives of Product


  • It is easy to use, brings you massive amounts of security with all of it’s abilities to zoom, pan and tilt.
  • It is also very great that you can get updates if there are any movements or sounds so that you can make sure that there isn’t anything going on in your home that you don’t want.
  • It has great audio and has a wonderful camera that is clear and smooth.
  • It has playback if for some reason you need to view something from the past.


  • It doesn’t have a talkback feature, so you aren’t able to talk to your little one. This would be a really awesome device if you were able to talk to the person on the other end (much like a walkie talkie). However, this monitor does not have that feature. So, if that is something that is important to you then you probably shouldn’t get this product.
  • It actually may increase your worrying. Some parents watch their video monitor like a television screen and they waste precious sleeping time by just staring at their monitor to make sure that everything is alright. I have heard many parents say that they decided to go to a simpler baby monitor.

Customers Reviews

By far the best part about buying this product is the amazing customer service associated with this monitor. Nobody had any complaints about their customer service and most were very satisfied, because when they were having a difficult time setting up they were able to call and then they were able to get their product going quickly.

Many people even mentioned how the company would email them to make sure that the product was up to their satisfaction. The product has a great video and nobody complained about being choppy or poor video. All the customers were very excited about the fact that they could see their children/pets/elderly/home while they were away and they could see it in real time.

“Very impressed with this camera/monitor, great clarity and very user friendly. It makes absolutely no noise when it moves around which my last one did. I also had a problem with my old one freezing up and this one does not. Highly recommend!”

“I really like my new surveillance/baby monitor camera! I actually purchased this to check on my baby when I’m away. It’s actually a pretty decent camera with a good amount of clarity picture wise. I was nervous reading some of the comments on here but I personally had no issues for what I wanted to use it for. It’s pretty functional in that it has 360 degree turn capability.

My favorite part about this camera is that is has night vision and you can see pretty clearly in the dark. It’s a good quality and I have only used two other cameras like this. I think the pictures are clearer, even at night then the previous two. It works on multi platforms depending on wether you have the iPhone or Android.”

Some of the customers were a little upset that this was a 730 p monitor instead of a 1080p monitor. One of the things that is a little annoying to the customers is that you have to use your phone in order to see real time. Therefore you won’t be able to spend time on your phone and check on your baby at the same time. Some people would rather have a separate display that comes with the monitor so that you can check your phone and keep the baby display on. Many of the customers complained about the difficult set-up and that most people can’t figure out how to do it without calling the support.


The Palermo HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor received 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason that this product did not get a higher rating was because many people struggle setting up the product. Although this is a common problem with this product. If you got this product and you were having a tough time setting it up you could easily call their customer service line and receive the help you need.

Nobody complained about the actual product or the quality of the video. This is a great baby monitor for all of your surveillance needs.

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