Black friday madnessFor many shoppers, Black Friday has become an unofficial holiday. Why? Shoppers believe they get unbelievable deals that could never be duplicated during any other time throughout the year. But, many shoppers don’t realize that waiting for Black Friday deals (or Cyber Monday sales) isn’t always the best idea if they have some important gifts to give in mind. Read on to learn five reasons why you should consider skipping the seasonal sale, and shop for what you want on a different day.

1. The Stock Drops-Drastically

Out of stockYes, the sales may be extraordinary, but the items that you are pining for are most likely the items everyone else is waiting for too. Most of these goods go out of stock in just a few hours after midnight. So, if you were thinking about enjoying a peaceful slumber after your turkey dinner, forget it! You’d have to be out the door and waiting in line hours before the doors open to have a slight chance of getting what you want.

2. You Aren’t Really Getting That Great of a Deal

Not the best price Sellers often increase the price of their items a few weeks before Black Friday. Then, when they cut down the costs and tell you that they are having an amazing deal; they are actually getting you to pay them the price that they want.

3. Ordering Online Can Cause Delays

DelaysYes, Cyber Monday is an easier way to shop and save for those all over the globe, but if everyone is shopping online, not only is there a chance the items you want will be out of stock, but even worse; back ordered. You may make the big purchase and then later on receive a notification stating that you may not get your item shipped to you in time, or that you may not be able to get your item at all. While you will be issued a refund that does not leave you with the items that you want or need for the holidays!

4. The Goods May Be Defective

Defective goodsAs a trusting shopper, you want to believe that all retailers have your best interest in mind. But, they don’t always do. When you shop online or pick up items in stores that are drastically reduced in cost, there is a chance that their prices have been slashed because they are defective goods. You have less of a chance getting a defective item when you buy regular priced or a slightly reduced cost. Always beware of any item that is listed for more than half off! Keep in mind you get what you pay for!

5. Your Stress Level Rises

Holiday shopping stress Who needs the stress of Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? While out on the road, expect to sit in major traffic, wait in huge lines, fight for dressing rooms, or even fight for items. If there is anything that you need or want, it is always wise to buy it when you want it because it may not be worth the hassle to haggle for the item. Plus, when you are out shopping for something specific in mind, chances are you are going to be swayed to buy other items that you may not necessarily need but will pick up anyway because of its sale price. This can also lead to stress because many people end up charging these impulse items and then worry over the bills they have racked up later.

In conclusion, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is over rated for a number of reasons. If you want to enjoy the holiday season, it is wise to gather all your gifts together early in November, so you don’t become a part of the holiday madness and chaos that breaks out after Thanksgiving ends! Be a smart and savvy shopper, not a stressed shopper!

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